Character Vignettes

A profile of the major characters in We Are Mars

Dana Becker

Chief Administrator of Rubicon. Dana is small, blond and ambitious. She is a g-mod – genetically engineered humans created to live at Rubicon and fulfill her designer function as leader. She has a prickly personality and has very high standards. Dana keeps Rubicon ticking and under control – until things go horribly wrong…

Lenny Scott

Lab assistant, non-gen, love interest for Chuck Hart. Lenny is a vivacious person who loves life and is infectiously happy and upbeat. She’s smart and resourceful, brave and independent. She also harbors a secret that could destroy her.

Jaxon Fields

A maverick and trouble-maker, Jax is seldom NOT in trouble – until the trouble comes looking for him and he has to think fast to save them all. 100% human, natural-born, Jax is known as a ‘non-gen’, along with others at Rubicon of that kind.

Chuck Hart

An all-round good guy, Chuck is Jaxon’s best friend and sidekick. He has a sunny disposition and a family on the way. Just how far will he go to protect them from the dangers lurking in Rubicon? Like Jaxon and Lenny, Chuck is also non-gen.

Ridley Barton

Ridley is head of security and a rather reluctant 2nd-in-charge to Dana Becker. He has a bad temper and a worse disposition. He’s Earth-born and feels trapped and claustrophobic in the deep underground caves that house Mars’s Rubicon settlement. He longs for blue skies, sweet-smelling grass meadows and to get the hell off of Mars. He’s pushed to the brink at Rubicon and as mistakes lead to a cascading series of disasters. How will he cope?

Maliyah Suarez

The beautiful and sensual Maliyah is lead scientist in the botany labs until life takes an unexpected and dangerous turn. Maliyah only has eyes for Jaxon and spends far too much time thinking about him, compromising her work efficiency. Her mistake is thinking everything is still okay…