What reader’s are saying about We Are Mars.

“The year is 2128, and humanity has achieved the dream of settling on Mars. Rubicon, a scientific settlement, has survived from the exciting first days to the humdrum of everyday life in a scientific community, managing to move along despite decreasing support from Earth. They exist under a strict regime that promotes work and survival, and punishes personal relationships as a distraction from their mission of survival on the red planet. Things are strict but good, until a problem with the water supply reveals a virus that causes an outbreak threatening their survival. As the residents of Rubicon frantically search for a cure, Earth removes its support of the mission on Mars, deeming it a failure and scuttling the mission. When evidence of sabotage emerges, the people of Rubicon know they have two choices: surrender to their fate, or fight for the only home they know. We Are Mars by Cheryl Lawson is a thrilling ride that will keep you breathless to the end.
We Are Mars is a good, solid science fiction novel with all of the elements that make for a great read: action, adventure, excitement, duplicity, complex relationships, and even some romance thrown in. I particularly liked how the relationships amongst the characters developed and changed, demonstrating how circumstances can be a powerful force to bring people together, or drive them apart. The relationships amongst protagonists Dana, Jax, Chuck, and Lenny are reflections of the power of survival, friendship, and forgiveness. Cheryl Lawson also handles the science of life on Mars well and solidly, helping the reader to experience and ‘feel’ how it would be to live on the next planet from the sun. This is a great read, and I highly recommend it!” READERS’ FAVORITE REVIEW by Sherri Fulmer Moorer.  

“There are a lot of reasons to like We Are Mars. The book is well researched and the author paints a realistic picture of what life on the planet would be like. You get the feeling she actually lived there for a few years and just got back to write about it.
The characters are as well developed as the environment and they interact in a logical manner, based on the world they live in and they change as the story evolves. Lawson does a great job with their relationships, they are believable and keep the reader’s interest and I actually started rooting for a couple of them.
The best thing about the book. It’s not predictable. The story has some dramatic shifts that I was not expecting, which pulled me deeper into the story and I was excited to see what would happen next. The changes kept the story moving along at a brisk pace, making it a very enjoyable read.
If you like detailed, science fiction thrillers, you will like We Are Mars. I highly recommend it.” – Paul B, USA  

Holly, over at Ragdoll Reads did a comprehensive review of We Are Mars recently. You can read the whole thing here . Below is an excerpt from that review:
We Are Mars is a really fun and exciting read, that sets itself up nicely for the sequel (which I cannot wait to read). The plot and characters are excellent, and the world building is top-notch.”  

“I enjoyed this book very much, it was a fast paced, realistic and believable story. With really good character development and interaction, and just the right amount of technical advances that make sense. The genetically modified humans in the story were a neat touch and actually could have been a separate story all on their own back on Earth. I can’t wait for the next book to see how the story progresses. – Ben B, Canada 

“I found Cheryl’s book mentioned several times on Twitter – @WeAreMarsBook – and temptation finally got the better of me. A well-written debut novel that held my attention with a tighter grip the more I read! The plot twists and turns while the characters are developed, both believable in a near-future Mars settlement. This book, while self-contained, is the first in ‘The Rubicon Saga’ series, and I look forward to reading the further development of the story in Cheryl’s forthcoming books. Highly recommended. – Louise W,  England.  

“A real cliffhanger. Science fiction is not my normal choice of reading, but “We Are Mars” drew me into the genre and kept me turning the pages. Great descriptive writing and use of scientific jargon and a very believable setting. Prepare yourself for a cliffhanger. I can hardly wait for the sequel. – Terrence Roth  

I’m a voracious reader of sci-fi. My interests include the classics (Asamov), standards (George RR Martin, Ursula Le Guin), and the amazing group of contemporary sci-fi authors publishing on Amazon (too many to list). Within my search for all that is new and obtainable, I found this book. It can hold its own in the mass of the sci-fi books here and is a great read for those who love the genre.
Cheryl creates a deliberate pacing to set the tone for an outpost on Mars. Monotony of maintenance and support to keep the base and the inhabitants alive. But holy crow – does all hell break loose! No spoilers in this review (I promise), but within a moment the monotony of Mars becomes the WTF is happening right now?!
Be prepared to experience claustrophobia, insanity, diseases, and the ongoing threat of asphyxiation at any moment of base breach with this book. I was catching my breath and constantly thanking that I am NOT on that base for real. Whew!
I look forward to book 2 of the Saga.” – Aimee D, California, USA  

“We Are Mars” by Cheryl Lawson is a futuristic thriller about human civilization on Mars. This novel is an emotional, suspenseful, very descriptive piece that explores the concept of genetically modified human beings and the challenges of life in the Rubicon settlement when the water supply is mysteriously contaminated. This well written book, with memorable, relatable characters, should be made into the next great sci-fi movie.” – Michelle O, BC, Canada  

“Dreams are very much a human trait, and this book mixed with suspense, imagination, drama and a realistic timeline brings the dream of living on Mars to life!” – Mel B, Provence, France  

“We Are Mars was quite a read! I like Mars books that feel as if the story is really set on Mars and you did that. Also had great characters and exciting action. It’s always nice to write a review for a book I loved!”  – Kate R, New Mexico, USA  

“We Are Mars is a fantastic, fast-paced science fiction story about humans living on the planet Mars. What I liked about the novel was that it was utterly believable (which a lot of sci-fi is not). I could really imagine that life on Mars is possible.The characters are well rounded – some are not likeable at first but develop throughout the story. The relationship between certain characters plays out in an interesting way throughout. I was left really looking forward to reading the next book in this series.” – R. Shearer, Canada.  

“I enjoyed the characters and their the story arc as well as the fact that the antagonists were complex, not pure evil. Very imaginative.” – S.L. Fitz, USA  

“As a person who would love to be a Mars Colonist, We Are Mars, is a great starter book for Cheryl. The book moves pretty fast, and has enough entertainment to keep me interested. There are a few questions I have about some of the things that take place, but they aren’t hard to over look for the entertainment of the story. Again for a first novel, the writing was pretty good and I am anxiously awaiting book two. Cheryl really hits home with her descriptions of life on Mars and the struggles that would come with it. The “Red Planet” never read so good, as far as I have read. Recommend this book for anyone who looks at the stars and wonders.” Thrice Read Books, USA