Cheryl Lawson lives in Kamloops, BC, Canada, with her husband and son. Cheryl grew up in South Africa, moving to Canada in 2006 when her son was just a year old. They settled in the lower mainland of BC, before moving, in 2017, to Kamloops.

After a long career as a graphic designer, photographer and artist, Cheryl began pursuing writing, full-time, in 2014. She released her first non-fiction book in 2016. When she is not writing, Cheryl continues to pursue her passion for nature through her art and photography. She has recently exhibited a selection of water colour paintings at a local, Kamloops Gallery and volunteered time as an editor for the BC Lapidary Society’s quarterly magazine, the BC Rockhounder.

Cheryl is a member of the Federation of BC Writers , the Interior Authors Group and the Kamloops Arts Council.

Her non-fiction book, a manifesto of her career as a creative professional, is entitled Authentic Creativity, How to Make the Most of Your Creative Intent, Strategy & Perspective. It is penned under her married name, Cheryl Bezuidenhout.

“We Are Mars” is Cheryl’s first fiction novel.