Kelowna Comic Con & Storm At Dawn paperback launch

Storm At Dawn quietly entered the arena this past weekend on a little table, in a curling arena in the middle of southern BC, Canada. It was an inauspicious launch for the second book in the Rubicon Saga, but it was exactly how I wanted it – no Drama! Well, maybe there could have been a little bit more fanfare, a marching band, perhaps and a standing ovation, but alas that was all in my head. The real action is next month when Storm hits the proverbial shelves for its online launch. September 26th will be THE day to watch, for sure!

You may be wondering how the comic con was.

Well, it was okay. Not terrible, but not wonderful, either. It was just two days of trying to sell books to the wrong crowd and finding the odd customer in the mix of tweens and teens that were interested in science fiction for adults. I did better after the event than during, but that’s how these things go sometimes. The important thing is to get out there, in front of the crowd. Besides the lagging sales, the con was lively, fun, well attended and gave myself and my son plenty of tempting goodies to want to spend our money on. He blew two months pocket money on Funko Pops and a NASA cap!  I had to man the table for the most part, so my spending was limited to allowing him to get one item for me and one for his dad. It was great fun for him. An aspect that I really didn’t enjoy about the event were the absolutely terrible chairs we had to use. I began to imagine them as some evil sort of torture device. They were definitely not designed for comfort, and I spent more time standing than sitting – especially as I have a bruised coccyx at present. Yikes!

Left to right: Me (Cheryl), Jen, Diane and Linda

On a positive note, I connected with the other authors that were selling books (or attempting to sell books). We realised we are mutual followers on social media and promised to connect more offline, as we live within driving distance of each other. It was awesome to make the connections and chat to other authors that were pretty much in the same boat as me. It made the con worth the effort and expense, as those networks will create benefits into the future that are yet to be realised.

I also discovered the possibility of setting up a table at the KamCon – a local gaming convention that will be in the city I live in in November. I emailed them and they accepted my application to be a vendor, so that is a bonus, too!

Mailing out books. Storm At Dawn goes to its first readers!

Since the show I have been sending books off to new readers and have still got a few to hand over in person to some happy and patient readers. The launch of Storm At Dawn in paperback has been a quiet, but successful affair and I haven’t died from the stress of it. Now I can relax until a few weeks before the launch when things really start to heat up. We Are Mars is going to be on a limited-time offer two weeks before the online launch of Storm, and I plan to do some advertising and promo for the new book, including a few giveaways. Stay tuned for more information about everything that will be happening.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my books through buying, reading and reviewing. Thank you to my friends and family, online and offline fans and to the cats – for not deleting my manuscript, or commandeering my keyboard!