We Are Mars – As Seen on TV!

I was recently invited to do an interview on our local tv station (CFJC) for a Midday show segment. I had sent out a news release detailing my upcoming launch party for We Are Mars and the presenter emailed me to find out if I’d be interested in appearing on her show. I thought it was a great idea and an opportunity I’d get plenty of mileage out of for future marketing. It was a great segment, with only a few small hiccups -(live tv is unpredictable and you have to just go with it) – she mistakenly announced me as Cheryl Newman – an error that I’m still a little confused about, but am happy to overlook because the book close-up clearly shows my name (plus it might make a great pen name for future stories!). Second small blip was she included an incorrect email address – an oversight that was partly my fault as I had mistakenly sent her the incorrect one to start with. The email address is info@therubiconsaga.com 

Here is the segment. If you want to know what my thoughts and process for We Are Mars were all about, take a look!

CFJC Interview – Cheryl Lawson, Author of We Are Mars


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