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Reach for the Stars!

Welcome to the website of my upcoming book, We Are Mars. It is the first book in the Rubicon Saga, a series of stories about a future settlement on Mars named Rubicon.

Here’s a small description of the story so far…


The year is 2128. 

For the people of Rubicon, Mars is Home – hostile and unforgiving – but still Home. When Rubicon is taken by surprise by an unexpected and deadly threat, it’s a race against time and a desperate fight to stay alive. 

Jax and Dana, Ridley and Chuck, Lenny and Maliyah all stand on opposite sides of a class divide, battling passions and tensions in equal measure. But can they work together to avert a disaster? Could the fundamental differences between them be the key to their survival, or to their destruction? 

To make matters worse, unsettling events on Earth put the entire Mars Mission at risk and Rubicon – with little choice left – declares its independence. The news of this is not welcomed by powerful politicians that devise dubious plans to shelve the settlement, once and for all. 

Mistakes are made, allegiances shift and lives hang in the balance. No one can be trusted as allies become enemies and the true nature of life on Mars is revealed – One wrong move, and it could be your last.


Hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, you can email me or connect with me on social media.

Thank you!


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