Break the Dark – Part Three of the Rubicon Saga.

Their world has imploded, and the survivors of Rubicon must find a way to stay alive in the critically damaged settlement. Lenny, Jaxon, Chuck and Swift face a series of perilous problems, alone in the expanding darkness, their future uncertain.
Far away, Dana, Zane and the rest of Rubicon battle to come to terms with a harsh new reality, deep in the diamond-rich mine at Olympus Mons. Trouble is brewing, old tensions are resurfacing, and a menacing new danger emerges.
In the nail-biting conclusion of the Rubicon Saga, no one is above suspicion, and no one is safe. Rubicon has one, last chance to secure their freedom and break free, or succumb to the darkness forever.

We Are Mars – Part One of the Rubicon Saga

Mars’s Rubicon settlement is home to Dana, Jaxon, Ridley, Chuck, Lenny and Maliyah. When they are taken by surprise by a deadly threat, it’s a desperate fight to stay alive. Battling unseen evils, can they work together to avert disaster?
Five Star Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review:
We Are Mars is a good, solid science fiction novel with all of the elements that make for a great read: action, adventure, excitement, duplicity, complex relationships, and even some romance thrown in.
This is a great read, and I highly recommend it! READERS’ FAVORITE REVIEW by Sherri Fulmer Moorer.


The Rubicon Saga, Part Two, Storm at Dawn tells the story of Dana, Jaxon, Darius, Lenny, Chuck and others as they continue to fight for their lives and freedom on Mars.

5 Star Review for Storm At Dawn:

“Just about every sequel you ever see will tout itself as “anticipated”. Storm at Dawn, however, is a sequel I really have been anticipating. Since putting down We Are Mars, I’ve been impatiently waiting to jump back in to this world with Dana and Jax. Picking up the action right where the first book left off, the sequel doesn’t waste a single page diving back in to the excitement. It’s a rare instance in which the author manages not to sacrifice character development in exchange for thrills. We still get to spend a lot of time with the characters we’ve already come to love, while meeting some new ones along the way, while the tension is building.

If you’ve read We Are Mars, you’ve got to pick up Storm at Dawn immediately. If you haven’t, well, you’d better just go ahead and pick up both.”